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University-Based Foundation: For a notable, university-based foundation, worked with the entire senior management team to conduct a comprehensive organizational and operational diagnosis leading to organizational realignment and personnel re-alignment, and changing from a consensus driven to an action driven culture. Internal project management processes were extensively overhauled as well.

Major Bank: Led client management teams of a major bank through the development of Y2K contingency plans to be compliant with Office of the Comptroller of Currency requirements. This involved developing contingency plans for 63 separate mission critical operational areas.

Financial Institution: Met surveyed customer needs for dramatic reductions in processing cycle times by completely changing a business unit's workflow. Used intense employee training and involvement to lock in accountabilities. Cycle times were shortened, productivity increased by a factor of 5 to 1, morale improved, and the way was paved for a major software system implementation. The project involved working closely with executive management, multiple levels, and departments of the organization, and a consulting team of nine very senior consultants.

Financial Services: For a major financial services business, answered the challenge to build customer service and capture customer loyalty by working with management and guiding an organizational change to intensely customer focused, high performance, self-directed, transaction processing teams. The effort successfully restructured the operational relationship with every retail brokerage with which the business dealt. As a project final step, developed the methodology to analyze cost structure differences from the change.

Manufacturing Plant: Guided client management in developing a new set of corporate values for running manufacturing plants and establishing a successful new culture in a "green field" manufacturing operation. The plant has met and exceeded all pre-set goals, and has gone on into ISO 9000 certification.

Health Care: Set the foundation for the long-term survival of an organization by conducting a comprehensive organization study resulting in fundamental changes in governance and succession plans. The consulting team contained some of the most senior consults in the consulting firm.

Financial Institution: Provided the means for a major software systems project to be completed within time and budget constraints with a key contributor team compensation plan having employee team input to the form of compensation and structure of the plan to gain acceptance of accountabilities.

Manufacturer: Led a management team through the study, design, and change to a gainsharing compensation plan to increase productivity and build a performance based culture based on a new statement of values for a several hundred person manufacturing operation.

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