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“I am very pleased to recommend Andy Klemm. I hired Andy's company to do a salary study, and working with him was far above expectations. Even though the organization had many job descriptions that were different from typical positions in a company, Andy quickly grasped the positions' functions and roles, and how the jobs related to each other within the organization. He also successfully compared the positions to those in the job market to determine their external value. He explained his process well, answered our questions, and gave us tips to make the project run smoothly. Andy provided excellent communication, completed the study on schedule, and charged a very reasonable fee. I was extremely pleased with both the process and results. I am fortunate to have been able to work with Andy on the salary study, and he would definitely be my choice in the future.”
Jackie O'Guin
Former Chief Human Resources Officer
Lutheran Hour Ministries

“I have never met anyone like Andy, he is very well versed in the very complex world of executive compensation, reward systems, equity plans and IT compensation. There's no one as competent and capable to get the right plan based on the correct data. As a client I felt that Andy was one of the best resouces available in a very critical area of human capital management.” November 3, 2010

Top qualities: Great Results, Expert, Creative

Robert G. Vidal, MPA, hired Andy as a Business Consultant in 1990, and hired Andy more than once

“As Vice President and General Manager at Central States Diversified I had the opportunity to work with Andy as he facilitated a strategic planning exercise for the company. Andy's intuitive grasp of strategy and skillful facilitation during the three-day planning exercise was critical to the highly successful outcome in the development of CSD's first strategic road map. I would highly recommend Andy to any company looking for a good strategic consultant. His work is truly first-class!” August 12, 2008
Jay Staley, Vice President and General Manager, Central States Diversified, Inc.was with another company when working with Andy at Klemm & Associates

"The state-of-the-art Return on Investment Calculator you developed for us is unique in our industry and has become a key sales tool in helping potential customers quantify the value of our services. Thanks for your patience and good humor through the several revisions needed to make it optimally useful to our customers. We especially appreciate your continued consultation, insights and support as we find new ways to use the Calculator to assist our customers in better understanding the financial dynamics of their school businesses."
Carla A. Monroe-Posey, PhD, LCSW, MSHA
Chief Operating Officer
Student Resource Services, LLC

"Thank you for all of your very good and "positively provocative" insights! You are VERY effective, and I personally enjoyed having you around."
Alan Swanson
Senior Vice President
University of Iowa Foundation

"The decision to retain Klemm & Associates for our compensation review marked a real turning point for our company.
The compensation program you developed and presented was well tailored to meet our needs and objectives. It met and the exceeded our goals and expectations in every way. We received an instant return on our investment with you and by any measurement the dollars we have invested with Klemm & Associates have come back to us ten fold.
We engaged you as a compensation consultant and discovered a valued business partner with whom we look forward to working with well into the future. Thank you for your professional insights and input regarding our organization; as well as your personal commitment to our staff and to me. You played an active role and dynamic role in professionalizing our compensation programs, our corporate culture, and the way in which we communicate and interface with each other within our corporate culture. Thank you!"
Donovan Industrial Supply Corporation
Charles Hiemenz III

"There is no doubt that much of the excitement we're feeling around here is attributable to some of the projects you've helped us with. You are a pleasure to work with and we look forward to more of that."
Mark Carlie
Chief Executive
Stone Carlie

"Thanks for all your help and support, Andy. It has been really nice to work with someone from the outside who can see in."
Accounting Department
University of Iowa Foundation

Klemm and Associates
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